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Hi! Welcome to my LJ, where I write (mostly) fiction about (mostly) the Winchester brothers.

There's not much personal stuff on here, it's pretty much all fangirliness all the time, so feel free to friend if you like and I'll probably friend you back, but there won't be much that's f-locked.

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Dorothy & Charlie

A wild post appears

Dear CW: Please make the spinoff show about the adventures of Sheriff Jodie & Sheriff Donna, ASAP.

Or ditch Crowley and Mehtatron and the angel wars and make Jodie and Donna the B-plot, yes?

The point being: I loved them.

Also, I still think Carver and the current writing team kind of suck at mythology and big story arcs, but they're actually pretty good with monsters-of-the-week. It's like they've been going down a checklist of complaints about the show - "Too much Sam vs Dean"; "Not enough saving people, hunting things"; "Not enough female characters"; "All the recurring characters got killed" - and trying to address them. And damn if it's not sort of working. I'd ideally like for Sam to have something to do other than look worried about Dean, but I am actually really enjoying the show again. And I love the hint from the last episode that Sam confided in Jodie when Dean was off doing demon karaoke with Crowley.

(Seriously, all the guest stars except Cole in the last run of episodes have been women. \O/!)

In other news, I haven't written a thing in close to a year /o\ RL is weird, not bad but stressful in a low-key holding pattern sort of way, and I'm waiting for shoes to drop, and it's not like I don't have choices, but I can't seem to make a decision. ugh. And I'm way behind on everything, but especially reading fic, and LJ in general, and I don't know if I'll ever catch up. There's the SDMB, which I haven't even looked at, and a whole round of salt-burn-porn I've missed, and etc etc. Maybe over the holidays I'll have some time to catch up.

SPN: The 200th episode

Sweet guinea pig of Winnipeg, that's a lot of episodes!

I was wary going in, because musical episode + meta episode = so many possibilities for disaster. But I was charmed! It was so oddly earnest and endearing, it made me feel all warm and fuzzy about the show in a way I haven't for a long time.

[more meta about the meta...] I loved the kids putting on the play, I loved the songs (a single man-tear!) I loved that all the guest actors were women. I liked the whole attitude towards the fans, and to fannish interpretations, it felt respectful and affectionate. Not without some teasing, of course, but they were harder on themselves than on the fans. Dismissing the post-Kripke years as bad fanfic is something I've been tempted to do!

Interesting that all the references were to the first five seasons. I know there's a Watsonian reason for that, since the books stopped publishing after Swan Song, but it's true that the story has lacked something of a cohesive narrative drive since then.

Also: SAMULET FIX! It's like they know us or something :D Dean putting the prop amulet on the rearview melted my icy, grumpy heart. I know it's cheesy, but it's my kind of cheese. And there are few things I enjoy more in life than good cheese.

And I still think possibly the best part (other than driving off into the sunset together, just the two of them against the world) was the mention of Adam. If Adam becomes a major plot point, I will forgive Carver a multitude of sins. I really will.

I even liked the surprise!Chuck at the end. I still don't think he's God, and will refuse to believe that until it's made definitely canon, maybe even then, but as a prophet I still like him. After we watched Fan Fiction last night, I got out my old DVDs for the first time in AAAGES and re-watched The Monster at the End of This Book. It was still pretty great - I do think generally the quality of the show is not as good these daysm just on a technical level. But this episode really re-kindled my affection for this little show, and these characters. If they can knock out a few more like that, I will be a happy fangirl.

SPN reactions

So, against the odds, I am continuing to enjoy this season!

SPN 10.02:
- Demonish!Dean making Princess Bride jokes was deeply amusing
- Metatron gives me the creeps so hard. He's probably the character I hate most on this show, and I was so rooting for Cas to just kill him. I did like Castiel's response to Hannah when she was considering making a deal for him with Metatron. My life, my choice. Guess maybe he's learned something from the Winchesters' bad examples, yeah?
- The little girl with the snot dream was super-cute
- Sam being all "You're my brother and I'm taking you home" was both heartwarming and kind of sad.
- So glad demonish!Dean stabbed the douchey husband and not the wife. Well done, show.

- I didn't realize until after that this was a Buckner/Ross-Leming episode, which is probably a good thing, as I went into it with an open mind. And I actually mostly liked it, though with some reservations.
- I am a little disappointed they have de-demonised Dean already. We had half a season of Robo!Sam! We could have had a little more Demon!Dean karaoke fun times, and it would have been fine. Though Dean still has the Mark, right? So I'm thinking he's still not fully himself, and there is still an urge to kill (specifically, his brother) in there.
- Also a little disappointed Sam didn't use his own blood (why? Does he worry it's still tainted? Did he think it might complete the Trials? Would have liked to know more.) And also disappointed that Demon!Dean, in all the stuff he threw at Sam, never mentioned Sam's blood addiction, never tried to tempt him with it. I mean, wouldn't you? If you're a demon, and you're being held prisoner by an addict, and your blood has literally been transformed into the very substance your captor was addicted to, why not try to use that?
- Crowley is such a sentimentalist.
- I have no idea what the thing with Hannah and Castiel was supposed to be, but I'm just going to ignore it for now.

So Supernatural, right?

*climbs slowly out from under rock, looks around*

I guess I needed to take a longer break from LJ and etc than I had thought. I've been lurking a little here and there, but no writing or participating, really. RL stuff is busy, inspiration has been absent.

But I missed you all!

And I did finally watch the SPN S10 premiere. It was - OK, I guess? Spoilers ahoy.

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Anyway, I guess I'm watching this season, so whee! It was fun to see them back onscreen, and I did like the opening montage. What are your thoughts? Is anyone still hanging around here?

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Sarah Manning

Random things.

So I gather there was a whole day this week where everyone was invited to post random things to LJ, and I totally missed it. :( I hope to spend some time this weekend catching up on everyone's randomness!

So I'm going to post some random things on this random day, because I have an extra hour in my morning, due to having misread the time on my bedside clock in my sleepy state. I blame the hot weather - it is already 20C, and it's not yet 9:00. Which I realize is not very hot by the standards of most places, but for those of us who live in the northern rainforests, it is weird.

- we might be going to London next month! We are trying to budget the trip, and we are *almost* there. Flights are actually fairly cheap right now, but of course it's high season and we've left it so late that accommodations are really pricey. But I think we might be able to swing it. Now I just have to try and find my passport :( If any of have leads on relatively inexpensive places to stay in London in August, let me know!

- I bought orange shoes last week. They are super-cute :D Not the sort of thing I usually go for at all, but I love them. And then I bought some brightly-coloured t-shirts to go with them. I don't know. Sometimes you just want something to wear that isn't black or grey, you know?

Fannish things:

-Still v. happy with Orphan Black, though I think the second season wobbled a bit here and there. It's still so much fun, though. Tatiana Maslany deserves all the awards: it's too bad it's a genre show on an obscure network, and she is unlikely to get any.
-Penny Dreadful was also good times: Eva Green is spectacular, and the whole thing has this aura of lush, unwholesome Victorian sensuality. I'm not entirely sure they know where their plot is going, but I don't really care.
- My brain continues to obsess over the Winter Soldier. Fortunately the Internet provides, and is producing fanworks at a prodigious rate, so that's good.
- I read some spoilers about the new season of SPN, and gods help me, I'm a little excited. And I am excited because there's a whole pile of fic and things to read, which I'm saving for a bit. Any recs for recent stuff?
Sarah Manning

Happy Canada Day, flist!

Because for the first time in years, I actually have the day off! I work in a public area where there are big Canada Day celebrations, and I almost always end up either working at my job or volunteering somewhere all day. But this year, I'm free! Think I'll take a walk to the beach later, and maybe see if I can't fire up the rusty barbecue on the back porch. It's weird to have time off, it's been so long. Of course I had to go and get a sinus infection, because life's like that, but overall I'm feeling more positive about my life than I was for the first half of the year.

I haven't been on LJ much, and I'm probably the last person on my flist to know, but marciaelena has been having a really hard time of things this year, and some lovely folks put together a fanworks auction to raise a little money to help her out. Go check it out!

What else has been happening the last few months? How is everyone in LJ-land?
Sarah Manning

Orphan Black

I love this show! I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at a scene involving someone getting shot in the head before, omg. Donnie, you turnip.

[Knowledge Of Causes, And Secret Motion Of Things] I am going to miss Matt Frewer, he's been great on this show, but I'm also happy it looks like the new villain is Michelle Forbes and her fantastic cheekbones, so yay!

I continue to find Vic weirdly amusing, particularly when passed out in a glitter coma. Sarah and Donnie doing dueling Allison impressions was kind of hilarious. I feel terrible for Cosima, though I think she keeps forgetting that Delphine is her monitor, and she needs to be a little less trusting, sadly. Kira handing over her tooth for Auntie Cosima was adorable. Rachel is getting more interesting - I really liked her scene with Leekie at the end. And I miss Helena. I would totally watch the Sarah-Helena road trip hour.

Road trip photo sarah-helena-roadtrip_2812_zps59aaa412.jpg

Sometimes I wonder if Sarah is right to be as trusting of Cal as she is, but then I come to my senses and realize that it would be impossible for anyone that hot to be untrustworthy in any way. Right? Right.

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I think I may have developed a flannel fetish. Damn you, SPN!

Also, I ran across this interview with Cosima Herter, who is the show's science consultant, and also the inspiration for Comsima's character on the show.. Really interesting.

One more thought re: SPN finale

Sam and Dean have become the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern of their own story.

[How should I begin?]
I mean, Sam could literally have been pulled out of that episode completely and made no difference to the outcome. And Dean - well, Dean was the redshirt. Dean was the cannon-fodder dude whose job was to get killed distracting the bad guy long enough for the heroes to take him out.

Oh well, life in a box is better than no life at all, I expect.

ETA: It's not even that I don't like Rosencrantz & Guildenstern, you know? I love stories about the marginal characters, about the ploughmen and the handmaidens and the hobbits. I think there might even be some really interesting stuff to get into here, about how the hero's journey is supposed to be there and back again, about how these two boys from Kansas started with uneasy ghosts and urban legends, and progressed to fighting things which were waaaaay over their pay grade. It could be a story about what happens to heroes after the fight, about them trying to find a way to live in the world. But it feels like instead, they keep trying to escalate, to make the story bigger and more dramatic, and it's totally gotten away from them. I don't even know who these people are anymore, or why they're doing what they're doing.